Emma (tafidadarling) wrote in theboysroom,

Christmas Drabbles

Hello. I'm a noob, so be nice! I just got into SWC and it is such a hilarious show. As my journal says, I got into this mood to listen to Christmas music the other day and this idea came to me. It spawned me writing all these drabbles based on Christmas songs, but it all started thanks to Chuck/Geoffrey. I hope you enjoy.

Info That Applies to All Drabbles
Author: tafidadarling
Fandom: Strangers with Candy which belongs to Comedy Central. Criminal Minds which belongs to CBS.
Pairing(s): Chuch/Geoffrey, Hotch/Garcia, Reid/Ethan, Morgan/Reid
Rating: FRT to FRM.
Notes: You ever get in the mood to listen to Christmas music out of nowhere? That happened to me yesterday and so I put in my one Christmas mix and the idea for the first drabble came to me. I figured, why not have a little Christmas now? So I wrote these stories based on some of my favourite non-traditional Christmas songs.

You can view the drabbles at my journal here.
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